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Clear Travel Toiletry Bag - Quart size for Airport Travel - Carry On & TSA Approved - Organize 3-1-1 Liquid Toiletries & More

Clear Travel Toiletry Bag - Quart size for Airport Travel - Carry On & TSA Approved - Organize 3-1-1 Liquid Toiletries & More

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  • BREEZE THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY with your 3 oz liquids ready and compliant with airport security regulations; You won't be THAT person holding up the line;
  • KEEP YOUR 3-1-1 LIQUIDS HANDY in your carry on or once you arrive at your hotel; You won't have to fish around in a dark bag to find things;
  • BE ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY; Re-use this sturdy quart size toiletry bag over and over and over; NO more tossing broken and dirty ziplocks;
  • ACCESS ITEMS FAST; Two high quality sewn in easy-grip zippers won't leave you frustrated;
  • TONS OF USES; Organize more than toiletries; This bag works for small toys, electronics, small business supplies; Gift as a holiday stocking stuffer for your favorite traveler;

Why should you choose this bag over a ziplock baggie?

If you have ever taken liquids through airport security you know that they need to be 3 oz. or less and all fit into a quart size baggie. But ziplocks are flimsy and they only last for 1 or 2 trips before they need to be thrown away. This bag provides a long term benefit to the environment and your wallet. It is easy to clean and is made to go with you on trip after trip after trip. 

How many times have you had to dump the ziplock contents out on the counter to reach one thing on the bottom?

The opening of this bag zips down both sides to give you better access to everything in the bag. You know that if you are flying strictly carry on that the bag will be as full as possible, and of course Murphy's Law means that the one thing you need before going out or hitting the pillow will be on the very bottom. The larger opening of this bag will make it so much easier to get at what you need.

Quality, Quality, Quality!

We have put in 2 high quality zippers and SEWN them in so the bag won't  literally come unglued. The zippers also have easy grips so that if by chance you have damp or lotioned hands you can still open and close the bag. The material is thick enough that it won't wear out after just a few trips, and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if something happens to leak in flight. 

Multiple uses

  • Passports
  • Small toys
  • Keys
  • Meds
  • Let your imagination decide!

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